Get on the Right Track by Investing

GETTING STARTED: Money and Investing

Hello, and welcome to With this being the first post I want to help explain something that will benefit you in the long run and throughout life.  Your teenage years (This site is geared towards teens and millennials)  is the best time to start investing! Take advantage now, save and invest your money! It is not enough to just save money, you must invest it. There are two good reasons to save money: to build an emergency fund and for investing.

For most teens, you are just starting to think about money. Maybe you just started your first job and you have your whole life ahead of you, regardless,  its never too early to start thinking about retirement. For most people they start too late and by the time they reach their fourties or fifties they haven’t saved enough money for retirement and they are forced to continue working to pay off their bills or to add more money to their IRA as ironic as that is.


As you can see from this graph, 55% of people wished they had saved more. With personal encounters I have had with older indivduals, most always say they wish they could turn back the clock and  invest at a younger age. These are not just your prime earning years, this time in your life is also your prime investing years! Starting at a young age is a great way to set yourself up for a good future but, having great information on how to do so will set you up for financial success! Let compound interest work in your favor (I will talk more about compound interest in a later post).

Working a day job will help provide you with some money while investing will provide a  “financial cushion” or “financial freedom” later on down the road. By working a day job, you are only earning money during the time you are at work. By investing, your money is earning you money six and a half hours a day,  five days a week, all year-round. (I will talk about the stock exchanges in a later post). There are so many benefits of investing that they out weigh the risks. Don’t get me wrong, there are risks with investing but it mainly comes from investors not understanding the market or knowing how to diversify properly, among other things. But I will educate you on how to correctly make money in stocks without having to worry about your money or timing the market or day trading. If there is one thing I leave you with it is this: start investing and saving early while you are young now, that way you can enjoy financial freedom later on in life. Happy investing!

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