Concentration of Wealth and Financial Literacy

Whether this is your first time to this site or you are a returning visitor, thank you for visiting. This site is intended for teens and millennial or anyone (despite the domain name) interested in learning about investing and finances. Before you start investing there are a few things you need to be aware of about wealth and money. There is an ever growing gap between the rich, the poor and working middle class. Take a look at this graph.

Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution in America


As you can see, the top one percent of Americans own 35.4% of all wealth in America! The next upper four percent own 27.7%, the next five percent own 13.6% and the next ten percent own 12.2%. Another way to put it is the top twenty percent of Americans own 88.9% of all U.S. wealth! Also notice the bottom forty percent have a negative wealth number. This is because the poorest of Americans rely on debt for living or expenses which decreases real net worth. This is a very disturbing fact but I present this to you to let you be aware of the fact. You cannot solve a problem until you acknowledge there is one. Why is there so much wealth in the hands of the few? Mainly because of the capitalistic system. However, I believe there is a solution.

THE SOLUTION: Financial LiteracyGetting rid of the system will not work because to rid ourselves of the system will destroy the very economy we are a part of. Instead what I am suggesting is teaching the average everyday American financial literacy. I will teach you the system. I will show you how the financial system works and how you can benefit from it as the rich do. The solution is financial literacy: The language of money! Most people can make more money if they want to, there is plenty of it. However, the problem is most do not know how or understand how. Most people are afraid or adamant about things they do not understand. But I will reveal to you the knowledge and means by which you can leverage your money so that it can work for you instead of you having to work for it.